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Through our involvement in the Operators Guild, Guild Talent was founded through deep networks, and rich experience, with a mission to link top companies with elite Operations, Finance, and Strategy professionals. Specializing in crucial roles like Chief of Staff, VP of Finance, and Head of Strategy, we’ve built a reputation for facilitating key leadership hires. 

Beyond the back office, we excel in placing People & Talent leaders, vital for maintaining a company’s culture and values during rapid growth. Our track record includes pivotal placements such as VP of People and Head of Talent, emphasizing our role in driving both organizational structure and cultural integrity for successful companies.  Click here to download our placement overview.

Finance, Ops, G&A

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Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Director of Finance & Operations, FP&A Manager Head of Finance, Senior Director, Finance and Business Ops, Strategic Finance Manager, VP of Finance, VP of Finance / Head of Acquisitions

People & Talent

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