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Executive Search for Operations, Strategy, GM, Finance, Partnerships and BizOps

How We Work

Retained Executive Search

Hiring senior members on to your team requires a partner who knows the space, knows the candidate pool, and knows how to properly research a candidate market and flesh out the pipeline. Executive search is a combination of the above: combining active and passive candidates with a thorough search process.

Personal Approach

We’re not a massive firm, in fact we’re quite small and quite focused. We know the roles we’re good at and we know the ones we’re not. Each project has multiple sets of eyes on it, weekly pipeline reporting, and an expectation from us that our clients are equally involved in the process.

Startups & Large Orgs

With a collective 35+ years of recruiting experience that spans stealth startups to public companies, if you need to build out your team, regardless of company size,  give us a ring. We know what we are good at and we wont take on a project we cannot fill or add value towards. 

Flexible Billing

Based on the seniority and specifics of each project we’ll tailor our billing model to what makes sense. As a small and agile team, we can be flexible with our clients. And if you prefer to test out a candidate before hiring or have a short term project, worry not – we can help.

3x3 Promise

Our goal is to move the needle. Fast. Each search is specific and we’re building a targeted candidate list for each project but that doesn’t mean it’ll take forever. Our aim is to have at least 3 candidates in process by the 3rd week.

Active & Passive Candidates

There is a great need for general business athletes in today’s market, and we’ve got a good number of them mapped out and identified. Given our network, industry connections, and research abilities, we either already know your next hire or know where to find them.

A few of our clients include:

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The Operators Guild

Sometimes it’s about who you know.

The Operators Guild is the largest and fastest growing professional community of Strategy, BizOps, Growth and Finance professionals in the US (and all of the colors/flavors that exist as offshoots of those functions). We are now 450+ members that are growing in our careers, learning from our peer group, and having fun along the way.

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Eventually most everyone is either be on the job search or building out our teams, and Guild Talent is a standalone recruiting firm in that space. It is also quite a valuable resource for the Operators Guild member base & our network of partners.

Our members have backgrounds in:

  • Investment Banking
  • Management Consulting
  • Venture
  • MBA, CFA, JD
  • And they hire people from the same backgrounds!

Roles we fill:

  • Business Operations
  • Chief of Staff
  • RevOps / SalesOps / Customer Success
  • Finance / Strategic Finance
  • Partnerships
  • General & Business Unit Management


Jamie Ceglarz, Founder of Guild Talent and Co-Founder of Operators Guild

Jamie Ceglarz

Founder & Managing Director

Jamie has over a decade of recruiting experience in the Bay Area, largely focused on startup/technology companies, and is also co-founder of the Operators Guild Network. After years of working with and placing operations executives, he has developed deep domain expertise and a strong and focused network in the Operations vertical.

Rance Bauman

Rance Bauman

Executive Recruiter

Rance started his career in finance and capital markets, later moving into operational roles and more recently leveraging his industry experience by spending 5 years at Russell Reynolds, a global leader in retained executive search. Rance focuses on candidate engagement on niche roles within our core skillset projects.

Ali Dugger, Executive Recruiting

Ali Dugger

Executive Recruiter

After starting her career as a teacher before moving into recruiting, Ali joined Guild Talent with 5 years of recruiting experience and a passion for working with people. Her attention to detail and project management skills (both skills honed by herding 4th graders) are incredible assets in her role working with our candidates. Before joining Guild Talent her focus was on Finance, Operations, and GTM positions, she’s a great addition to the team!

Tom Sweetman

Tom Sweetman

Executive Recruiter

Tom has over twenty years of recruiting experience, supporting a wide range of client companies spanning from Fortune 500 to Startups. Prior to joining Guild Talent, Tom worked with a boutique executive search firm, focusing on retained searches in the technology, SaaS, and management consulting.

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