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Strategic Talent Placement in Finance, Operations, and People Roles

Welcome to Guild Talent, where we specialize in placing exceptional talent in finance, operations, and people roles within the dynamic startup ecosystem. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by startups allows us to effectively connect your business with the skilled professionals who can propel your growth and innovation. Partner with us and experience the power of strategic talent placement to transform your team and accelerate your success.

Positions We Place


VP of FP&A
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Finance & Operations
Director, Compensation
Global Head of Comp
Head of Finance & Accounting
Finance & Strategy
FP&A Manager
Senior Director, Finance & Business Ops


Chief Operating Officer/GM
VP of Operations
Head of Partnerships
Head of BizOps
Director, Sales Ops
N.A. President
Director/VP RevOps
Chief of Staff
Director of Biz & Corp Dev
Head of Marketplace Ops


Head of Customer Success
Head of Talent
Director of Coaching Ops
VP of People
Head of People
VP Talent Acquisition


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The Operators Guild is the largest and fastest growing professional community of Strategy, BizOps, Growth, and Finance professionals in the US (and all of the colors/flavors that exist as offshoots of those functions). We are now 450+ members that are growing in our careers, learning from our peer group, and having fun along the way.

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Indeed we have an awesome network in Operations and Finance. But worry not; we're more than that! Recent roles we've filled include: